Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons that move the fingers, thumb or wrist. It can also be referred to as tendinopathy or tenosynovitis. Our tendons are the rope-like connections between our muscles and bones, and work to create movement of our joints. Our tendons can become inflamed either through repetitive overuse or trauma. Common tendinopathies in the upper limb are DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylitis and Flexor Tenosynovitis (fingers or thumb)/Trigger Finger.


  • Pain localised to a specific area
  • Swelling in a specific area
  • Pain with movement
  • Dull resting ache
  • Reduced movement
  • Reduced strength


Hand therapy is usually effective in treating tendinopathies. Corticosteroid injections can help to reduce inflammation if therapy techniques alone are not improving symptoms. In severe cases, sometimes surgery is required to release entrapped tendons that causes the inflammation.


  • Splinting to block movement and reduce inflammation
  • Swelling management
  • Modalities to reduce inflammation
  • Exercise program
  • Strengthening
  • Activity modification
  • Education regarding correct posture and biomechanics


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