Burns and Scars

Burns to the hands and arms can have significant impacts on all aspects of life. The initial wounds can be painful, and then the on-going scars can be tight and limit movement of the hand, fingers and arm.

Wounds need to be carefully assessed and correct application of ‘active’ dressing can assist in the healing process and limit excessive scar formation.

Once the scar tissue has formed the areas affected need to be assessed in regards to limiting movement as well as cosmetic appearance.


Wounds: Pain, risk of infection, limitation of movement

Scar: Stiffness, contractures, decreased strength and movement, loss of sensation, fragile tissue.


  • Splinting
  • Scar management with compression garments and silicon
  • Exercise program
  • Strengthening program
  • Swelling management
  • Pain management
  • Education and advise regarding aids and home modification
  • Advice regarding work, sport and home duties

*Treatment may vary depending individual circumstances

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