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Custom made splints

Custom made thermoplastic splinting is a specialty of hand therapy. The therapists at Geelong Hand Therapy have all undertaken further training in the application and fabrication of thermoplastic orthoses.

Splints are custom made to fit perfectly to each patient’s body. They are moulded directly onto the patient and can be adjusted or remoulded numerous times to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit. The design of each splint can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each individual. Custom made thermoplastic splints are usually covered by private health insurers, and patients typically can claim a large portion of the cost of each splint from their insurer.

Splints are fabricated out of thermoplastic material and can be used for a variety of reasons ie. to protect healing tissues, to correct deformity, to support inflamed joints, to immobilise repaired structures and improve function through correct positioning.

At Geelong Hand Therapy, splints are typically fabricated for:

  • Fractures of the fingers, thumb, hand or forearm
  • Post operative protection of repaired bones, ligaments or tendons
  • Correction of contractures, such as fixed flexion deformities of the finger
  • Functional support in the presence of motor weakness, such as following nerve injury
  • For support and reduction of inflamed tendons
  • For support and pain management of degenerative conditions, such as base of thumb osteoarthritis


Custom made splintsCustom made splintsCustom made splintsCustom made splintsCustom made splintsCustom made splints



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